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DayZ's next big update scheduled for "sometime this month"

DayZ's next big update is scheduled for "sometime this month," and the teams has posted highlights of what to expect in a new blog post.

DayZ April (9)

Most of the content noted in the roadmap was announced during EGX Rezzed last weekend.

According to the post, updates include moving away from the client and server “spam” messages at each other; the implementation of fireplaces next week; ragdoll physics are coming; as well as player mouse control following player feedback.

The majority will be releases to the experimental server next week for more feedback.

Environment art and map teams are working on new and "interesting buildings and objects," as well as expanding the number of explorable towns, with the addition of Karmanovka, which contains over 3000 objects.

Artwork on archery and new food items is progressing and the P1 pistol is complete and configured in game. The same is true for the AKM but the teams needs to spend more time "polishing some of the rough edges before adding them to the loot tables."

New player heads for more unique looking characters will also be added in soon, as well as "a Soviet-style officer hat and the tracksuit." Next up the team will take a look at police, EMT, and firefighters.

More details information can be found through the Rezzed link and the DayZ Tumblr.

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