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DayZ standalone version: No mod support at launch, console version considered

DayZ creator Dean ‘Rocket’ Hall has revealed that the standalone version of his ArmA II mod will not support mods at launch, as well as a new batch of features and the possibility of a console version.

As part of a Reddit AMA, Hall also confirmed that the Chernarus map will be rebuilt entirely for the new release. The new DayZ environment will include new areas and more buildings that can be entered. There will also be underground bases that can be entered by opening metallic grates found on the ground.

It will be possible to dig their own underground safehouse, secure them with concrete and grow crops inside for sustenance. However, flimsy bases can collapse and kill whoever is unlucky enough to be inside.

Hall also revealed that he hopes the PC version of DayZ will be successful enough to warrant a console build one day.

Thanks GamesOnNet.

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