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Day Z creator wants to "follow all the dead ends"

Day Z fans don't seem too keen on some of Day Z standalone's new features, but creator Dean "Rocket" Hall is going to try every thing.

On the sim's sub-Reddit, one fan asked Hall not to introduce two new related systems proposed for Day Z standalone: pooping, and getting sick. Usually from poop.

Hall responded by saying he's going to do it even if it's a bad idea.

"I hope I implement a lot of bad ideas. So that then, we know they are bad," he said.

"Then we can remove them and move on. If we stick to safe ideas, this isn't going to become a great game over the next few months - it will just be a cool idea and I'll try and spend the next ten years going around conventions talking about how cool it was.

"I'd rather follow all the dead ends so I know what works and what doesn't. I'm 31, I figure I've got a good 20 years of game making left in me. Let's make the mistakes. If we're not anxious about the new features that are being considered - then we're not pushing the envelope hard enough."

A bold approach and an admirable one, if not what the risk-averse design-by-committee end results we're used to seeing. Day Z's standalone is expected on PC but has not been dated.

Thanks, PC Gamer.

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