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Darkstalkers Resurrection headed to consoles in 2013

Darkstalkers is making a comeback, Yoshinori Ono announced at New York Comic Con today, with a classic re-release and the possibility of a new sequel.

Darkstalkers Resurrection bundles together the second and third core series entries - 1995's Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge and 1996's Darkstalkers 3.

As with Capcom's other recent classic fighting releases, the two games have been gussied up with modern bells and whistles including anti-lag technology, HD filtering, achievements, and spectator mode.

You'll be able to save and share replays, including directly to YouTube, and online matchmaking will be supported by a wealth of options like region and ping locking. For the ultra-core, a challenge mode will train you in the use of each character; completing challenges will help unlock a pile of bonus materials like concept art.

The bundle will launch via the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade in early 2013. Check out the announce trailer below.

Ono has dropped several hints over the past few years that Capcom's "other" fighting property might make a comeback if fan deman were high enough; presumably high sales of Resurrection will assist his endeavours in this regard. According to Shoryuken, Ono made another reference to something called Darkstalkers Are Not Dead. Ono has shown a slide with these words on it at several events, teasing a new art style.

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