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Watch the full Darksiders Genesis E3 2019 gameplay demo

Darksiders Genesis takes the series in an entirely new direction, and it's thanks to E3 2019 that we get our first look at gameplay.

In case you missed it, Darksiders Genesis is a Diablo-like, top-down action RPG starring the four horsemen. Though the game introduces Strife, you'll be able to switch between him and his three siblings on the fly.

As you might expect, each character has unique strengths which factor into their play styles. What's even more interesting is that Genesis seems to translate their existing moves pretty well into the new perspective.

You can still juggle enemies, for instance, and use War's grappling hook just like you can in the original Darksiders. The action looks fairly decent, and the E3 demo shows a few different enemy types.

The video below from Xbox Live Fr has a playthrough of the entire thing, including a boss fight. Watch it below:

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