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Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition to use GFWL

Rage has erupted over news that the highly anticipated PC port of Dark Souls will use one of the least popular DRM solutions.

PC fans have reacted with fury and horror (or world weary resignation) to Game for Windows Live's inclusion in Dark Souls.

A petition has been launched to remove the technology, and has gathered over 7,000 signatures in a few short hours.

While most acknowledge that the game is extremely unlikely to be published without some form of DRM, players are calling for a less obtrusive option to be considered.

Games for Windows Live is almost proverbially unpopular among PC users, drawing even more ire than recent favourite whipping boy Origin, and has gone without update from Microsoft in almost a year.

Confusion of the suite's use and function has led to a belief that the game will not release on Steam; this is of course, total bollocks, as plenty of GFWL titles released day-and-date on Steam, including Batman: Arkham City.

Dark Souls released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 last year to tremendous critical acclaim. Its old-school, hardcore approach seems ideally suited to PC tastes. The Prepare to Die Edition will sport new content and enhanced multiplayer.

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