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Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin patch adds a new character, new ring

From Software has released the full patch notes for the upcoming free patch to Dark Souls 2 to bring it in line with the Scholar of the First Sin edition.


The patch notes were published on Namco's blog earlier. The patch is due February 5 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

It won't bring the graphical enhancements expected with Xbox One and PS4 versions, but it will add the new Scholar of the First Sin character and bring all versions together gameplay-wise.

There's quite a lot of notes there, but there are some pretty interesting ones. The new Scholar of the First Sin character will be added, but the notes don't mention anything about it. New item descriptions have also been added, which is great news for those us with passion for exploring the game's lore.

There is also a new ring called the Agape Ring. The ring absorbs souls collected from kills during online play, making it easier for everyone to control the souls range by limiting the total souls collected, which I assume would prove very helpful in co-op.

You can head to the blog for the full list of notes.

Scholar of the First Sin is out in April.

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