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Dark Souls 2 director promises "more care" will be put into PC version this time out

Dark Souls 2 director Yui Tanimura has promised the team will "put more priority" on the PC version of the game, admitting that its last PC outing was "sort of half-assed."

Speaking with Shack, Tanimura said at the time, the team was having a "tough time" with PC development as it was used to working in consoles. The result, after a successful petition saw the game released on the platform, was a game which was "not very well done."

"We will definitely put more priority on the PC," said Tanimura. "Last time, we started working on PC after the console version was complete. This time, because we are considering the PC from the beginning, you can be sure there will be more care put into PC development."

PC players won't have to wait months for Dark Souls 2 to be released this time out, as the game will see a simultaneous release on all platforms.

Dark Souls 2 is expected on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 in late 2013 or early 2014.

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