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Dark Devotion is a sidescrolling Soulslike, coming to PC, Switch, PS4 this year

Dark Devotion is a 2D take on Souls, and developer Hibernian Workshop has officially revealed launch platforms.

Dark Devotion is targeting release sometime in the first quarter of 2019, on PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. In this 2D action RPG, you're tasked with navigating a dark, and unforgiving world.

Dark Devotion borrows Souls' stamina-based combat, but makes a couple of tweaks to fit the sidescrolling perspective. It's certainly not the first game to do so, but it does look promising.

The game's world is inspired by French gothic architecture, and its monsters by H.P. Lovecraft, and Edgar Allan Poe's creations. Today's trailer shows off a few of the boss fights, and really drives home exactly what game Dark Devotion is.

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