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Danganronpa creators' next game is The Hundred Line -Last Defense Academy-, which once again sees students having a bad time at school

Who could have guessed?

Key art for The Hundred Line -Last Defense Academy- showing numerous characters on a school battlefield.
Image credit: Too Kyo Games

The creators of Danganronpa's next game, The Hundred Line -Last Defense Academy-, looks like a mix of Fire Emblem and the classic visual novel series.

The days of Danganronpa might be behind us now, but that doesn't mean its creators aren't still going. The Hundred Line -Last Defense Academy- is the latest title from the creators of the classic series, and yes, it is about a bunch of students having to go through slightly nightmarish events at school while a funny looking mascot oversees it all. If I had a nickel, etcetera. We even got a look at gameplay in the announcement trailer, which promises the game will arrive on Nintendo Switch early 2025.

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While there isn't too much gameplay shown off, it looks like a mixture of Danganronpa's visual novel-eseque gameplay, mixed Fire Emblem, turn-based, battlefield-based combat. It sounds like some of your allies can die too, a staple of both Danganronpa and Fire Emblem, so you'll likely have to take care when it comes to picking favourites.

A press release describes the game: "Takumi Sumino is a totally average teenager living in the Tokyo Residential Complex, a place where every day is much like the last and nothing bad ever happens. All that changes when freakish monsters attack the town and start wreaking havoc. A strange creature calling himself Sirei appears and offers Takumi the power to protect those he holds dear… All he has to do is stab himself in the chest!"

The press release also notes there are "100 extreme despair-filled endings" but how those differ obviously isn't clear just yet, and you'll also get some free time to explore to bond with your teammates, something that sounds quite Persona-like. Unsurprisingly, this wasn't mentioned in the Direct, but the game is also coming to PC - but there's no mention of a PlayStation or Xbox release.

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