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Cyberpunk 2077 Killing in the Name | Call Bes Isis, Scan for clues

Now you do what they told ya

Throughout the early game of Cyberpunk 2077, as you complete quests, you’ll receive messages from the mysterious Bartmoss Collective. If the steady stream of anti-corporation slogans didn't pique your interest, then maybe the Rage Against the Machine reference will, in the Killing in the Name quest.

Eventually, after you've collected a fair few messages, you'll get a push towards the Bartmoss Collective website for more information.

Make your way to V's apartment and use the computer on the desk by the bathroom. Click over to the web tab and check out the radical site.

Click through the news stories on the page, and your objective will update to call Bes Isis about Swedenborg using your phone.

She’s not there, so go about your business ‘til she calls back.

Cyberpunk 2077 Killing in the Name - Call Bes Isis

Although you get the start of this quest relatively early on in Cyberpunk 2077, you have to wait until Act 3 for the right characters to be available.

To meet Bes Isis, you need to have completed the Chippin’ In sub story including Blistering Love, Holdin' On, and Second Conflict.

When you've met that requirement, call her up and ask about Swedenborg, She’ll say that she hit a dead end in the investigation, but give you some coordinates in Santa Domingo.

Cyberpunk 2077 Killing in the Name - Scanning for clues

Drive out to the marker and scan the area for the clues you need.

All throughout this quest, it can be difficult to spot what you're supposed to scan to advance. This time, you’re looking for a router on the side of the building up the fire escape on the wall.

Approaching the yard from the street, the fire escape is on your right. After a couple of flights of stairs you have to hop the railing to find it.

With that in your sites, hack the router and you’ll get a message to your phone with new coordinates. This a Breach Protocol puzzle that you should've seen loads of times by now.

Hop in your car and make your way to the new marker after talking to Johnny.

This signal leads to a camp of Wraiths. Clear them out to make your search easier, then scan the thick power cables leading from the large antennae to the RV. On the roof of the RV, there’s another router to interact with.

Hack this second router, and you’ll receive yet more coordinates to your phone.

Jump back in the Porsche and drive further out into the desert looking for the next signal.

Inside the greenhouse lot, your quest marker will update to another, which you can follow deeper into the farm.

Look to your right when you reach the marker and scan the ladder.

Climb it to find another router, at the top of all the other ladders, in the middle of the large container at the top.

With another set of coordinates, again ride off into the distance, but this time towards an abandoned amusement park in Pacifica.

From the road, you’re looking for the fortune teller sign bot that's towards the left-hand side of the walkway. Approach it and pay for your fortune if you want.

Examine the router on the side and hack it.

Cyberpunk 2077 Killing in the Name - Take offline or leave alone?

You can either take it offline, or if you want to be friends with Johnny, leave it alone. Building a friendship with Johnny is an important aspect in the ending of Cyberpunk 2077, so we let him have his fun.

With the mystery solved, call Nancy and tell her the news. She's happy for the truth and wings you a few eddies for your trouble.

For more on Night City, check out our list of the best Cyerpunk weapons. Or if it's story help you're after, here's how to get the best ending!

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