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Curiosity winner won't reign over Godus forever

Curiosity winner Bryan Henderson won't be the deity of Godus forever, with 22 Cans aiming for a span from a few months to a year before somebody else takes over.

Speaking to Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Peter Molyneux said Henderson's godhood is not eternal.

"What Bryan has won is a grace period where he can be god of gods for a certain amount of time. It won’t be less than a few months. It might not be more than a year," he said.

"And then we’ll unveil the ability to usurp the god of gods and replace him with someone else. That someone else will then take on all of Bryan’s powers.”

The 22 Cans founder said it "didn't seem right" that one person would be god of gods for all time, but he wants it to be a substantial period of time.

"He’ll probably be god of gods for an amount of time approaching a year. That’ll be a year from release, by the way. It needs to be enough time to make it meaningful for him in every sense of the word," he added.

Molyneux also gave a brief description of what Henderson will be able to do in his godly role, both through powers available in-game and in negotiation with the developer.

“What they aren’t going to be is carte blanche uncontrolled, unrefined decisions that would throw the balance of the game out entirely. Bryan can absolutely request something to happen, and we’ll make our best effort to do it. But he can’t decide everybody in Canada will explode or anything like that. There are limits to his power," he said.

The lucky Scottish youth will also receive some portion of Godus' profits, assuming it makes some - which seems likely.

Godus is expected in September on Android, iOS, Mac and PC, with an early PC build going out to Kickstarter backers this week.

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