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EA pulls Crysis 2 PS3 demo, aims for "flawless" launch

EA's pulled the multiplayer demo of Crysis 2 for PS3, saying it wants to have it "flawless" for the launch of the shooter next week.

"Though many gamers have had a great experience playing the demo, we are aware that others have been experiencing server connection delays," said a statement on the game's website by EA.

"We’ve identified the root cause and have decided to close the PS3 demo in the next 24 hours to ensure all issues are resolved when the game launches next week. Our priority is to ensure that the final product is flawless at launch."

The taster was only published only two days ago by EA in Europe and three days ago in the US following past launches on 360 and PC.

The PS3 version has been under scrutiny recently, with IGN claiming recently it was "pretty underwhelming."

Producer Nathan Camarillo said this week there was no considerable difference between the PS3 and 360 versions.

"I’ve gone on the record saying that if you stick PS3 and 360 side by side I would challenge anyone to find any meaningful difference. I don’t see it at all."

Crysis 2 releases next Tuesday in the US and next Friday in the UK for PS3, 360 and PC.

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