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Crysis 2 for PC to officially get DirectX 11 patch

After weeks of speculation, Crytek has finally announced that there will indeed be a DirectX 11 patch released for Crysis 2.

In a post on the game's official message boards, a Crytek rep stated: "We would like to announce that there will be a DX11 patch released for Crysis 2. We are working to get the best out of DX11, so we’ll wait to announce the features until a little closer to release."

Many PC gamers who bought and then installed Crysis 2 on their gaming PC rigs were disappointed to discover that the game was running on the DirectX 9 graphical API.

Even with just DirectX 9 support most reviews have said the PC port is still one of the best looking PC games of 2011.

There's no date on the DX11 patch's release yet.

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