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After Sega cancels Hyenas, Creative Assembly's next game is reportedly Total War Star Wars

The RTS developer typically releases a new Total War every year.

Sega might have cancelled Hyenas, but you shouldn't count Creative Assembly out just yet, as it's reportedly working on a Total War Star Wars game next.

Last year, Sega announced it was cancelling Hyenas as part of some "structural reforms", a move that felt like a real shame for a game that didn't even have the chance to get its foot out the door. A couple of months later, Sega then made it seem like Creative Assembly was back doing what it knows best, which is making real-time strategy games like the Total War series. Now, a new report from DualShockers appears to have shed some light on just what Creative Assembly is working on. According to a "reliable source" that spoke with DualShockers, Creative Assembly is currently working on three new Total War games, with one of them being an officially licensed Star Wars title.

Star Wars would honestly be a pretty great fit for a series like Total War, given the broad range of factions it has had across all of its media. Details in DualShocker's report about the game are slim, only noting that "it's possible that Creative Assembly is gearing up to release Total War: Star Wars in the next couple of years," but there's no precise timeline as to when it could come out. The report notes that as of October 2023, the Star Wars entry was the second of the three new Total War games in the works. Since 2014, apart from 2021, Total War has been an annual series, with the most recent entry being Total War: Pharoah, so the Star Wars entry being released within the next couple of years does seem feasible.

This wouldn't be the first time Creative Assembly would be working with someone else's IP either, as it has made a couple of Total War: Warhammer games previously, as well as 2017's Halo Wars 2. EA also no longer holds the exclusive rights when it comes to Star Wars games either, so again, it's entirely possible one is in the works at Creative Assembly, though we'll have to wait for an official reveal in the meantime.

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