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Come back to Conan, get Beta access to The Secret World


Funcom has announced plans to get lure players back to Age of Conan with not only multi-month subscription rates and the new expansion, but Beta access to The Secret World when it goes live.

Here's the deal:

  • 3-month sub: Beta access to The Secret World
  • 6-month sub: Beta access + in-game helmet that boosts experience gain by 10 percent
  • 12-month sub: Beta access + helmet + a free copy of Conan expansion Rise of the Godslayer

"We know that coming back to a massively multiplayer online game demands effort, so for us it's all about making it worthwhile for former players to come back," Erling Ellingsen told Eurogamer. "With all the improvements having been introduced to the game, we're eager to have as many former players as possible be exposed to all the updates.

"So for returning players we're offering two weeks free game time, and the ability to level up twice as fast as normal. It is natural for any subscription business to incentivize longer-term subscriptions in order to ensure a long-term relationship with the player."

The new expansion, Rise of the Godslayer, will include a new Asian-themed area of Khitai along with its playable race, the Khitan and the chance to raise tigers and wolves from cubs into mounts when it goes live in 2010.

Via Massively.

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