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Cloudberry Kingdom gets PC, Wii U and Xbox 360 release date

Ubisoft-published endless platformer Cloudberry Kingdom will arrive on other platforms shortly after its PlayStation Network debut.

The tough-as-nails platformer arrives on PlayStation 3 as part of the PlayStation Store PLAY promotion on July 30, and will be exclusive for exactly one day, according to Shack News.

The Pwnee Studios effort will launch on PC and Xbox Live Arcade on July 31, before wandering voer to Wii U on August 1.

The downloadable title will run you $10 or regional equivalent, or 800 MS points.

Cloudberry Kingdom is bloody hard, in my experience, and as shown in the trailer below. Its level generator adjusts to your skill level, offering near-endless challenge. It supports four players and a variety of game modes.

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