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Stealth Inc, DuckTales and more in PlayStation Store PLAY promotion

Sony has brought back its annual northern summer promotion, PlayStation Store PLAY, offering four downloadable games with bonus credit available for picking up the whole series.

The four games on offer this year are Ubisoft's Cloudberry Kingdom, Capcom's DuckTales: Remastered, plus PlayStation Network exclusive indies Stealth Inc. - A Clone in the Dark and ibb & obb.

If you pre-order or buy more than one of these game,s you'll receive a PSN voucher. Two purchases gets you $3; three gets you $6; and all four nets you $10.

Additionally, if you pre-order, you'll score an exclusive XMB theme specific to the title purchased, and PlayStation Plus members save 20% when they pre-order.

The offer opens on July 16 and runs through August 20.

More details on each of the games offered are available on the PlayStation Blog.

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