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Cliffhanger takes to Kickstarter with Shadowrun Online

Cliffhanger Productions has formed a Kickstarter for Shadowrun Online, the top-down title the firm announced back in October.

The title’s being developed in conjunction with co-creator Jordan Weisman.

The firm is seeking $500,000 in funding, and as of this writing, $57,586 has been pledged from 854 backers. It still has with 26 days left.

A free-to-play, browser-based MMO, Shadowrun Online uses the Unity Eengine, and will arrive on tablets as well as browsers. Players will also be able to transfer achievements and send messages to other players due to a connection with the Shadowrun tabletop game and the Shadowrun Universe website.

Another Shadowrun title from Harebrained Schemes called Shadowrun Returns, met its Kickstarter goal back in April, and them some, when it netted over $1.8 million in funding from more than 36,000 backers.

The Kickstarter video is below for Shadowrun Online.

Thanks, Develop.

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