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Clear Sky gets t**tting from IGN

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Uh oh. Despite an 88 percent cover review from PCZone, IGN UK's posted a 7/10 for the GSC sequel, saying it has a "reactorful of misfires" and "so much decaying flesh attached to it that cutting through to the admittedly very healthy bone below may prove too tall an order."


There's also a stack of bugs and balance issues, perhaps unsurprisingly given Stalker 1's messy gestation, and we suffered an AI failure at one point that broke the faction war system. As well as that, that aforementioned difficulty feels like an over-enthusiastic mod – enemies often turn up in ridiculous numbers and are almost always aware of exactly where you are – plus there's those damnable grenades. A hardcore reward for the hardcore player, perhaps, but for the more casual Zone-wanderer or total newbie it gets too much like hard work, crushing the desire to press onwards.

Full thing through the link. Not the prettiest thing in the world.

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