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City of Heroes spiritual successor The Phoenix Project trailered

City of Heroes was put to bed in November last year, and developer Paragon Studios were laid off. However, players of the game have come together for their love of the concept and have formed an independent studio. Their first title is The Phoenix Project, a spiritual successor to City of Heroes.

Gamers who came together during the 'Save City of Heroes' campaign last year have formed Missing Worlds Media, a new studio made up of indie devs and passionate City of Heroes players.

The studio has published an official website and a trailer for their new project, which should be viewed as a spiritual successor, not a proper sequel, Still, it's nice to see gamers rallying for change and to keep the spirit of their favourite game alive and well.

Their goal is - as stated on the site - "To create a family-friendly game of heroes, vigilantes, mercenaries, and villains, bringing you all that you loved from previous heroic games and improving where the newest technology allows us to."

Here's The Phoenix Project trailer:

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