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City of Heroes reborn: NCSoft licenses popular MMO to fan-run project Homecoming

Homecoming team will be able to officially develop and update the game.

NCSoft, the original publisher of the MMO City of Heroes, has officially granted a license to the fan-run project Homecoming, allowing the team to host and further develop the game legally.

This marks a triumphant return for Paragon City, a once vibrant metropolis teeming with players that was shut down in 2012.

Homecoming, known for its dedication to the City of Heroes community, can now operate without legal constraints. A labor of love by passionate fans, Homecoming kept the spirit of the MMO alive by hosting unauthorized servers, offering a refuge for the game's dedicated community. While uncertainty surrounding the server's legal status loomed large, everything changed on January 4.

While the license grants Homecoming the right to host and develop new content, the intellectual property still rests with NCSoft. This means certain limitations may apply, and the future of the game will depend on continued collaboration between the parties.

The game will still be completely free to play with Homecoming continuing to fund the MMO entirely through donations.

City of Heroes was developed by Cryptic Studios and published by NCSoft when it launched in 2004. In the game, players create super-powered characters and team up with others to complete missions and fight criminals in Paragon City.

Over the years, the game received 23 free major updates before it was shut down in 2012 three months after the final update, Where Shadows Lie, was released.

In April 2019, the source code for running a City of Heroes server was distributed widely after it leaked. This made it possible to create servers outside the direct influence of NCSoft.

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