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Chrono Trigger gets surprise release on Steam, but players are not happy

Chrono Trigger was released on Steam yesterday with no prior announcement, and players soon found out why.

Chrono Trigger is a game loved by many, and often listed as one of the best classic JRPGs. Yet somehow, it never a saw a release on Steam.

Square Enix dropped the game on Valve's store out of the blue yesterday, and it's not hard to see why many people were thrilled to get their hands on it.

Despite touting updated graphics and sound, and PC-optimised controls, players later realised that the PC version is simply a port of the mobile Android and iOS versions.

It didn't take long for the Chrono Trigger Steam page to be full of negative reviews. The game currently has a "mostly negative" rating with 166 reviews so far.

The way sprites look, the touch controls overlay, the lack of graphics options and rebindable keys, and even the font used are some of the many gripes reviews have with the port.

"YOU SOLD ME A MOBILE PORT YOU FRAUDS," one review lamented.

Square Enix also updated the mobile version with some of the enhancements made for the PC release.

The PC version is priced $15, but it sounds like you're better off playing the mobile versions. Or, depending on your opinion of emulators, there's also that.

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