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CD Projekt Red looking for an "experienced multiplayer programmer"

CD Projekt RED has posted a job listing for an experienced multiplayer programmer to work with its core team. The successful applicant will be responsible for preparing the firm's Red Engine for the "challenges of upcoming online components to future games."

Here's the bullet list which contains more information on what the team is looking for, an it may just give you an idea of what CDPR is planning for the future:

  • Creating a roadmap of changes necessary to add multiplayer to the Red Engine.
  • Designing and implementing network layer of the Red Engine.
  • Helping in design and implementation of multiplayer changes to existing systems.
  • Participating in shaping the future of the Red Engine.

Experience Xbox 360, PS3 and PC as well as RPG development is a "plus."

Earlier this year, the firm said it had five titles in the works, one of which was announced in the spring as a game based on the Cyberpunk series.

CD Projekt is extremely busy, as it has said it's working on a game engine for next-gen PC and console systems; has two AAA+ titles in the works – one for 2014 and one for 2015; two “A” games for release in 2012; and one “AA” game slated for 2013.

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