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CCP: Dust 514 fills a need for "intuitive, familiar, speedier" EVE Online

CCP recognises that not everyone wants to sign their life over to EVE Online, and that's where DUST 514 comes in.

"We see Dust as a way to allow people to participate in this universe by offering them a more intuitive, familiar, speedier, quicker, shorter time-commitment type of experience," CEO Hilmar Pétursson told Rock Paper Shotgun.

"EVE is a very particular type of experience, made for people who want to commit a lot of energy to have a game experience like that. Over the years we’ve seen a lot of people interested in the EVE universe, the single shard and the political drama, but might not be particularly looking for an experience like the game itself.

"It’s more about addressing that need, of letting them play the game as they want to, while still adding to the shared experience."

EVE Online and DUST 514 share the same shard, and the two virtual worlds are connected by a space elevator, but Pétursson said the two game worlds won't directly interconnect - for now. That said, players can communicate with each other cross-title.

"Already, we’re up and running with text chat between the two games," he revealed.

"There will also be Evegate, a social networking tool in the universe, and we’re looking at allowing them to voice chat. We haven’t completed this yet."

DUST 514 is a free-to-play PlayStation Network exclusive, due for release in northern summer. Players take on the role of mercenary, and accept commissions from EVE Online players, directly affecting events in both game worlds.

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