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CastleStorm flings itself onto Wii U on December 26

Although it was all but confirmed that CastleStorm would arrive on Wii U in December, we now know for sure. Zen Studios has confirmed that the tower defense game will hit the Nintendo eShop on December 26, so you can play it while stuffing down your Christmas leftovers

It'll cost £9.99, and will utilise the GamePad for both remote play and touch-screen controls (although the game will be completely playable with just buttons and sticks, if that's what you prefer). There'll be a solo campaign, castle editor, online multiplayer, and co-op modes. Local multiplayer will allow one gamer to play on the GamePad, while another uses the TV and a Wii U Pro Controller.

On other systems the game has had a couple of DLC packs, From Outcast to Saviour and The Warrior Queen, but there's no word of these arriving on Wii U just yet.

Thanks, Nintendo Life.

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