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Capcom on SFIV: Sagat and Seth are bit overpowered


If Street Fighter IV characters Sagat and Seth have tiger uppercutted your pride into oblivion, feel free to collect the scraps. Speaking with VideoGamer, SFIV arcade assistant producer Ryota Niitsuma admitted that the two destroyers of your formerly flawless win-loss record are a bit too powerful.

“Yes, Seth and perhaps Sagat might have turned out a little bit stronger than we expected," he said.

There is, however, a silver lining to this black cloud. Niitsuma explained:

“A good player of another character can always beat a good Sagat player or a good Seth player,” he said. “I don’t think it’s too out of proportion, but we do acknowledge that they turned out a bit more powerful than we expected.”

More through the link.

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