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Capcom keen on 2D games but nervous of "tricky" development

Answering a fan request for more HD remakes of classic 2D fighting games, Capcom USA’s Christian Svensson expressed guarded enthusiasm.

"The consumer expectation bar has moved considerably," he told forum users.

"The costs of doing a [2D] project like that today, with the attention to detail and features that Street Fighter 3: Online Edition had, it would be difficult for sales forecasts to shoulder.

"That said, we'll see what the future holds. Creatively, I'd like to do more 2D stuff in the future like this."

Responding to praise for Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, Svensson said he couldn't "overstate what a tricky project" it was.

"I'm happy with the outcome (critically, community wise, sales wise) but it was a really hard tightrope to walk and some points in development were really scary," he added.

"Like when we threw away about 2,500 frames of animation in various stages of completion because we weren't happy with them and started again."

Colleague Seth Killian has also argued in favour of 3D character models, while Capcom Japan producer Ryota Niitsuma had commented that the genre's future lies with "2.5D" systems.

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