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Capcom bringing games & Mega Man anniversary announcement to Comic-Con

Capcom is heading to San Diego Comic-Con with a sackful of games this week, and will also be discussing plans for Mega Man's 25th Anniversary at the show. Could a new title be in the works? It's anyone's guess.

Capcom will hold a panel session this Thursday, July 18 called 'The World of Capcom Games', which will see the company discussing Dead Rising 3, Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies, Lost Planet 3, and DuckTales: Remastered.

The panel descriptor adds that the session will also divulge "information about Mega Man's 25th Anniversary, and a few other surprises."

Are you holding out for a new Mega Man game, or is that just wishful thinking? Let us know what you think below.

Thanks Nintendo Life.

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