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Bungie 'absolutely' wants cross play functionality for Destiny 2

Bungie 'absolutely' wants cross play – the ability for Xbox, PS4, and PC players to commune from different consoles – in Destiny 2... just not right now.

Speaking to Kotaku Reporter Jason Schreier on Twitter, Bungie's Mark Noseworthy says, "Cross play is absolutely something we're interested in doing some day, but we have a lot on our plate to chew through first."

One of the things they're chewing on is cross save – the ability for players to take their gear and progression from one version of the game to another console. Bungie announced that cross save will come to Destiny 2 with the upcoming Shadowkeep expansion.

Cross save is a sign of faith that companies like Sony, which has historically been shy about permitting cross play with other consoles, are warming up to the idea of an all-cross play future. Games like Fortnite, Dauntless, and Rocket League already support the feature.

Hopefully, Destiny 2 will soon join their ranks.

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