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Bundle in a Box on sale for whatever you think

Indie games Shadows on the Vatican: Act 1, Delve Deeper (and DLC), War of the Human Tanks, Eversion and Fibrillation have been put together for Bundle in a Box and can be purchased at any price you think that is reasonable ($0.99 minimum).

If you pay more than the average, $2.89 at time of posting, you will also get The Adventures of Shuggy, Stay Dead, The 4th Wall and Flibble, Joystiq reports.

Extras continue to be unlocked as more bundles are sold, with the soundtrack for Shadows on the Vatican already available and the Shuggy soundtrack and comic, the War of the Human Tanks soundtrack and the Droidscape: Basilica soundtrack to follow.

Eversion and Stay Dead are compatible with Mac while Delve Deeper, Eversion and Shuggy come with Steam keys.

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