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Breaking Benjamin frontman derides "piece of s**t" Star Wars: Battlefront

Battlefront is "ruining Star Wars", musician tells EA. And adds a smiley face, for some reason.

Star Wars Battlefront is at the centre of an embarrassing bit of social media this week - embarrassing for EA, that is.

Breaking Benjamin frontman Benjamin Burnley claims EA "wanted to pay [him] to post that [he likes] this piece of s**t game".

It's not uncommon for publishers to reach out to influencers with free games and merchandise (although it's rare for anyone to directly mention payment except in disclaimers for arrangements like EA's Ronku system). If that's what happened here, it backfired spectacularly - Burnley snapped the disc and posted a firey rant on Instagram instead.

Here's a screengrab of the post:


Wow. Not that I don't understand the impulse to snap a disc when you're not enjoying a game - every time somebody grenades me out of nowhere or snipes me from across the map, for example.

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