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Brack: Wrath of the Lich King may not hit 2008

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World of Warcraft production director Jay Allen Brack has refused to commit to a 2008 release date for Wrath of the Lich King, saying that it won't ship this year unless a "Blizzard experience" can be attained.

"We've not said," said Brack on whether or not Blizzard had confirmed a date. "If we can get it to the point where you'll have a great experience, then it'll come out this year. If not, it will not."

We pointed out that a huge amount of people would be disappointed if the expansion failed to hit this year.

"I agree," said Brack. "I would say that a lot of people were disappointed by Burning Crusade not coming out before the Holidays, but it wasn't ready. It was the right decision for the game."

Brack was speaking at Games Convention in Germany yesterday. We'll have more from our interview with him and lead game designer Tom Chilton next week.

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