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Borderlands 3 Twitch extension lets you earn loot before game's release

The gameplay reveal for Borderlands 3 will be shown tomorrow, and if you watch it through Twitch, you can earn in-game goodies.

Gearbox Software and Twitch have joined forces to celebrate the Borderlands 3 gameplay reveal by giving fans a chance to score some in-game loot.

In order to earn these goodies, you will need to use the new Borderlands 3 ECHOcast Twitch extension. To use the extension, you will first need to link your SHiFT and Twitch accounts, after which, just by interacting with livestreams of Borderlands 3 you can earn some sweet loot.

If you don’t have a SHiFT account, you can set one up through the Borderlands website.

To link your accounts, hit the settings tab on your SHiFT profile page, click on the Twitch logo, and follow the onscreen instructions to link your account. You can also link the two accounts through the Gearbox SHiFT site.

Once you have linked your accounts, enable the ECHOcast extension and start interacting with streamers. You can even check out their inventory, loadouts, and more.

As Gearbox notes, linking your SHiFT and Twitch accounts isn't required to make use of the ECHOcast extension, but not doing so means you will miss out on Rare Chest Events.

Rare Chest Events provide the opportunity to receive the same in-game loot the streamer finds in rare chests. Once the streamer opens one of these chests, you have only 30 seconds to opt into the event.

If you earn the loot, the extension will notify you and give you 30 seconds to choose which of the items from the chest you’d like to receive. You will then find it in your Twitch-linked SHiFT account to be claimed once Borderlands 3 is released. The items will automatically scale to your level when you retrieve it from your in-game mailbox.

If you head over to the announcement page, you will find more information.

You can watch the Borderlands 3 gameplay reveal on Twitch starting tomorrow, May 1, at 10am PDT, 1pm EDT, 6pm BST, 7pm CEST.

We will also embed the reveal here on the site so that you can watch it along with us.



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