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Borderlands 3 Handsome Jackpot VIP Rooms - Are they worth it?

The best parts of Borderlands 3's Handsome Jackpot are reserved for high rollers only. As you plan your heist with Mad Moxxi, you’ll come across special VIP rooms which you have to pay to access.

It wouldn’t be the first time Borderlands played a trick on players to waste their money, but these special areas are often worth your time.

Are Handsome Jackpot VIP Rooms worth it in Borderlands 3?

There’s not a huge amount to spend you cash on in Borderlands 3, but the VIP rooms in the Handsome Jackpot are still pricey enough to make you think twice.

Because of the investment, it’s easy to walk past these tucked away, often hidden, areas - but most of the time they’re worth spending your money on.

As with all of the loot in Borderlands 3, you’re at the mercy of RNG, but over the course of the DLC’s runtime you’ll likely beat the house and come out on top.

Inside VIP rooms we’ve found chests, gun lockers, Eridium caches, lootable slot machines, and standard money and ammo boxes. Sometimes enemies spawn from these chests and lockers, and we’ve even got legendary drops from taking them down.

As well as all of this, you can also find Blackjack chests. These special packages require even money moolah to prise open, but if you can beat the dealer in the classic casino game you’ll walk away with some sweet weaponry.

If you’re not familiar with the rules, once you’ve paid to play you’re dealt your starting hand. To win, you’re aiming to hold cards which add up to 21, or as close to 21 as you can get. Go over that and you’ll bust, so there’s some strategy to consider as well as blind luck.

Combining all of these possible finds, you’re likely to make back your initial investment from opening up VIP rooms, but there is some luck involved. Sometimes you’ll strike out and lose a chunk of cash, but more often you’ll walk out with a decent stock of guns to sell.

What’s more, you can also find some rare enemies inside of VIP rooms - which makes opening them worth it from a gameplay point-of-view too. Like in the 2nd VIP room in the Impound Lot you can run into Mister Hordmore.

There are loads of new legendary items on offer from the Handsome Jackpot - here’s a look at them all.

For more on Borderlands 3, check out our run down of the best character builds. Or if you’re yet to start Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot, here’s where to begin.

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