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Borderlands 3: Bounty of Blood DLC - All the new Legendary weapons and gear

Borderlands 3's latest DLC, Bounty of Blood, is now available across all platforms and there's a bunch of shiny new loot to get your hands on.

There are seemingly endless weapons and gear to collect in Borderlands 3 and the latest DLC is no exception. Just like we saw in the previous DLC, Bounty of Blood has a host of new Legendary weapons and gear that you'll be able to find by completing missions and defeating bosses.

While you might have a few firm favourites in your arsenal already, there are definitely a few new guns you'll want to add into the mix. With that in mind, let's take a look at what you can get.

Borderlands 3: Bounty of Blood DLC - All the new Legendary weapons and gear

The majority of new stuff in this DLC are weapons alongside a new grenade and artifact, which you can check out below.

All of the weapons mentioned below offer significant boosts to the likes of Crit Hit damage, weapon damage, reload speed and melee if you have Mayhem Level 10, making them very powerful indeed.

Legendary Weapons

  • Bloom Jacobs Pistol: Does roughly 9700 damage, has decent accuracy and a fast reload time. While an Action Skill is active, its weapon damage is increased by a whopping 200%. You can also hold down the trigger to fire burst fire shots.
  • Undermining Popular Proprietary License Hyperion SMG: Will do roughly 2100 damage, has very good accuracy and a very fast reload speed. Once an Action Skill has ended, this weapon creates a cyber spike that damages nearby enemies.
  • Turbo Firesale Mother Too SMG: Does less damage than the previous SMG at around the 1700 mark but has a much faster reload time, can roll as Anointed and is highly effective against flesh. While sliding, you'll do 40% more damage, too. Can also roll with elemental damage. When you throw it to reload, a little ball appears that fires a laser that does additional damage.
  • Oozing Shredded Satisfaction rocket launcher: As this is a heavy weapon, it does a significant amount of damage, has around 50% accuracy and a decent reload speed of four seconds. It has +503 Splash Damage radius due to its corrosive elemental damage and can roll as Anointed. Consecutive hits with this weapon increase the weapon damage by 1% per hit but missed shots remove all bonuses.
  • Expert Complex Root sniper rifle: over 10,000 damage, with excellent handling and accuracy. It can roll as an Anointed Beastmaster weapon and enemies damaged by Rakk Attack! take 100% increased damage for a short time. It also does radiation elemental damage, which means you can really fuck enemies up.
  • Prototype Plumage rocket launcher: Again, this beast deals a tonne of damage, though its accuracy is pretty rubbish. While sliding, it's fire rate is increased by 25% and it can also roll as an Anointed weapon, so it's worth having if you like to play with risk. You'll fire a tracking grenade that will do an area of damage with the rockets land near the grenade.
  • Nuclear Kravvy Light Show pistol: This pistol deals really high damage with great accuracy, though it's reloading time isn't the best. It can be an irradiated Anointed weapon and on Action Skill End, its weapon damage is increased by 100% for a short time.
  • Sublime Frequency shotgun: Can roll with elemental damage and fires projectiles, each doing some significant damage. it has a pretty fast reload time of just under three seconds and while airborne, its accuracy and handling are increased by 75%. Kills increased the shots fired for a short time and can roll as an Anointed weapon, so worth searching for.
  • Engulfing Vicious Dowsing Rod assault rifle: This weapon's damage is pretty decent, as are the rest of the stats. There's a chance it can roll as an Anointed Beastmaster and while Fade Away is active, the accuracy and handling of this weapon will increase substantially. It's auto-fire mode also has a grenade launcher, so it's a pretty good combo weapon.
  • Annexed Swift Miscreant pistol: This pistol, much like the rest, is pretty powerful with decent stats. Its accuracy and handling are increased by 50% while sliding, encouraging you to get up close and personal with enemies as you zip by. It has a single and a double-barrel fire mode, making ti behave somewhat like an assault rifle. It fires little rockets, making it quite the beast for such a small gun.
  • Packin' Gratifying Unkempt Harold pistol: This weapon is pretty powerful compared to the rest of the pistols and has a reload time of about 2.5 seconds. Like many others, it can roll as Anointed, and while enemies have 25% health or less, its weapon damage increases by 50%. It's basically a revolver with rockets.
  • Gatlin' Dastardly Stonethrower assault rifle. This AR does around 7800 damage and has decent accuracy and handling. While airborne, its fire rate increases by 30% and it can also be an Anointed weapon. It's a decent assault rifle, but nothing to write home about.

  • Unlimited Brightside shotgun: While this shotgun is lacking in accuracy, it makes up for it in damage and a fast reload speed. It can appear as an Anointed weapon, and when an Action Skill ends, the next two magazines will have 100% additional bonus incendiary damage. If you land a crit, you won't use up any ammo, potentially making it an unlimited ammo weapon.
  • Kemik Eezy Gargoyle pistol: This pistol does around 2569x3 damage and has pretty good accuracy for a pistol. It has a repair time of 3.5 seconds and takes around 49 shots to break. After using Phasecast, weapon damage is increased by 250% for a short time, The Projectiles it fires explode shortly after impact. It fires like an SMG, too, so watch your ammo.
  • Sublime Flipper SMG: This weapon switches between cryo and corrosive damage and deals a fair amount of damage. It can appear as an Anointed Operative weapon and while SNTNL is active, its fire rate increases by 9% and reload speed by 23%. It fires a split beam of multiple projectiles on enemies, making it pretty powerful for an SMG.
  • Superfluous Beacon pistol: This pistol deals an impressive 5347 damage, has high accuracy and great handling, making it one of the best weapons on this list. This is another weapon that can roll as Anointed and consecutive hits with it increase weapon damage by 1% per hit, though misses will remove the bonus. Reloading triggers a Nova of the current element rolled, inflicting even more damage to enemies.
  • Pouncing the Blanc pistol: Again, this weapon is a superior pistol and another beast to add to your collection. When an Action Skill ends, the next two magazines will have 100% additional bonus cryo damage and damaging enemies grants an additional 35% weapon damage for a short time when switching between firing modes. It also stacks damage 10 times.
  • Coolheaded Robin's Call shotgun: This legendary shotgun comes with some pretty decent stats, much like the rest of the shotguns on this list. While airborne, its accuracy and handling increase by 75% and critical hits return a bullet to the mag, while another ricochets to hit an enemy.
  • Double-Penetrating Gratifying Contained Blast assault rifle: This potentially Anointed Operative assault rifle deals around 4400 damage and has pretty high accuracy and handling. it comes with a 2.2x zoom and when Barrier is active, its status effect chance is increased by 50%. You fire out little explosives that will detonate when you reload or after waiting a short time.
  • Coccky Spade shotgun: This shotgun does 3663x5 damage and is surprisingly accurate for such a chonky weapon. It comes with +136 Splash Damage and a 2x weapon zoom, and Gyrojets penetrate targets leaving sticky bombs on all enemies as they pass through. Elemental crit hits can cause a status effect to explode, creating a nova that will deal 500% of the status effect's damage. It's by far the best shotgun on the list.
  • Abundant Proficient Chandelier shotgun: Again, this shotgun boaks some impressive stats with a high damage elemental roll. Fire rate is increased by 25% when sliding, it can roll as Anointed and it's all-round quite decent.

Legendary Gear

  • Tran-fusion Grenade: This new grenade does 18623 damage, has a blast radius of 243 and is a homing grenade. It has a fairly decent chance of dealing incendiary damage and while Iron Bear is active, taking damage has a 20% chance of spawning one of these grenades. It also heals you by the damage dealt.
  • Spark Plug Safeguard Artifact: It imbues slam with shock, does 105% slam damage, increases slam radius by 38% and lasts eight seconds. Slam triggers a shield that reduces incoming damage by 57% and lasts for five seconds. it also gives +26% elemental resistance, +9% experience gained from combat and +39% shield recharge rate, as well as planting an electrified coil that does shock damage to nearby enemies.

If we find any more weapons, we'll add them to this list. If you'd like a more detailed rundown of these weapons, check out this cool video from Arrekz below.

You can check out how to start the Bounty of Blood DLC here.

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