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Boneworks is a physics-based VR action game from the creators of Hover Junkers

Stress Level Zero, the team behind two excellent VR games, has revealed its latest project.

Stress Level Zero previously worked on Hover Junkers, and Duck Season - both highly rated VR games. Boneworks is the studio's new project, due out this year for Oculus Rift, Steam VR, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

Boneworks is an action game that takes after Half-Life, where objects, weapons, and the world itself are modelled on realistic physics. As you can see in the reveal trailer, the game allows for greater freedom when it comes to navigating its environments, and solving the various problems it presents.

For example, a crowbar can be used to pry open a door, or - with enough momentum - swing between spikes or mantle up to a platform. Likewise, more traditional weapons can be used in creative ways that weren't necessarily intended.

The game's Steam page also mentions a realistic representation of bodies and limb movement, which is likely going to come in handy when performing some of the tasks shown in the trailer without the need of other objects. Beyond that, animations look very realistic, with enough weight to sell the illusion.

It looks incredibly impressive, and Stress Level Zero's pedigree certainly has VR enthusiasts excited. Catch the trailer below, or head through the Steam link above to wishlist Boneworks.

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