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Blumhouse Games reveals a slate of horror games during Summer Game Fest, with a project by Sam Barlow and Brandon Cronenberg

Boo, it's a scary thing, as you'd expect from Blumhouse, but what you might not have expected is for the publisher to reveal.

The Blumhouse Games logo.
Image credit: Blumhouse Games

Jason Blum has taken to the stage at Summer Game Fest 2024 to reveal that Blumhouse Games hasa whole roster of games in the works from multiple studios, no doubt thrilling people who like being scared by things the world over.

Let's start with Crisol Theater of Idols from Vermila Studios, which looks to be my (Kelsey's) worst nightmare as someone with a pretty big distaste towards dolls. Then there's what looks to be like a pixel-art horror adventure by Perfect Garbage, first-person experience Sleep Awake from Eyes Out, Fear the Spotlight from Cosy Game Pals, and The Simulation from PlayMeStudio.

That's not all, either, with a sixth project in the works, currently coined Project C. With the visionary minds of Sam Barlow and Brandon Cronenberg attached to it, and nothing but a cryptic quote about the future to go off, I think it's safe to say we can probably expect the pair to develop something mind-blowing. Or unique, at the very least.

Blumhouse Games, if the name didn't give it away, is the new games division attached to horror film producer Blumhouse Productions. When it was announced earlier this year, the mission statement is was given was to "partner with independent game developers to bring their creative vision to life via original, horror-themed games.”

We knew it would be popping up during this show, as it'd announced as much, teasing that we'd be learning "what's to come from the new home of horror games", and, well, now we know exactly just what's occurring behind the scenes at Blumhouse Games. I don't think any of us expected this many announcements at once though. Horror fans have plenty to feast on!

Back in February, Blumhouse Games president Zach Wood said that he reckons “there’s a unique opportunity for horror and genre in the indie game space" on offer to Blumhouse Games, so it's interesting to see Blumhouse reveal a slate of distinct, ambitious games. It'll be nice to see the publisher put out some great indie horror stuff that really catches on among fans of the spooks.

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