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Blizzard: "Waves and waves" of new StarCraft II features to come out before Heart of the Swarm


StarCraft II's done and dusted. Time to settle in for a long, cold 18-month winter before Heart of the Swarm, right?


Speaking during today's StarCraft II and press conference, production director Chris Sagaty and project director Greg Canessa explained that just because Heart of the Swarm's quite a ways out doesn't mean StarCraft II season's over.

"Waves and waves of new features" are on the way, they said, pointing to the fact that new multiplayer leagues will be dropping in the near future, and that multiple in-game chat channels and a featured replays/pros community system are in the works.

Meanwhile, Blizzard's also doing what is - near as we can tell - the closest thing to a literal interpretation of the StarCraft name we'll ever see by using the game's engine to craft a number of smaller games. Even better, Sagaty and Canessa hinted that there might be more on the way.

And, of course, this zergling rush of new content will be free.

The takeaway point here? Blizzard loves you, StarCraft fans. You're its loud, contentious, ungrateful, multinational 50 gajillion-member family. Now say thank you. No, complaining about how much the Zerg suck is not an acceptable means of thanking someone. Please try again.

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