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Blizzard already planning WoW landmass expansions

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Speaking to VG247 at Games Convention, Wrath of the Lich King lead designer Tom Chilton confirmed that plans are already in place to introduce further landmasses to the MMO, despite the fact the latest expansion is yet to launch.

"We actually already have ideas on how we're going to expand on that in the future," Chilton told us when asked if more land was going to be added to the game.

"Certainly, [a lot of] the major landmasses that we talked about heavily in previous WarCraft game have already come to fruition, although there are still areas of the game that we've talked about and set up story-wise that we haven't revealed yet. So there's definitely more to go."

Wrath of the Link King will introduce the continent of Northrend to the game.

No date as yet.

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