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Bleszinski: Epic's Chair game to be announced "in the near future"


Cliff Bleszinski's told Epic fans to keep eyes open for a new game reveal from Chair, the firm's wholly-owned developer in Utah.

"Our partners at Chair in Utah are working on a product that we're going to be announcing at some point in the near future which is very, very cool," the developer said in the latest Major Nelson podcast.

"We have our partners at People Can Fly in Poland working on some great stuff. We're working on things internally - I feel that I've got five balls up in the air that I'm juggling right now," he added.

"It's an incredibly exciting time. Keep your ears peeled in the next year. There's going to be a lot of great announcements."

Epic bought Chair in May last year.

Bleszinski was talking at GDC last week.

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