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Black Mesa countdown probably points to Half-life remake release date

Half-life remake Black Mesa may have a release date at last.


Black Mesa is a Source Engine remake of the original Half-life, which like everything related to Half-life feels like it's taking forever to come out.

The first part launched in September 2012, and it looks like we might have a release date for the second episode: the Black Mesa website now links to an externally hosted countdown timer pointing to 10:47:00 on May 5.

Unfortunately there's no time zone indicated, so just watch for 24 hours, I guess?

Just to refresh you, the first of the two combined fan projects that eventually became Black Mesa was announced in 2004. We've been waiting even longer for this remake than we have for Half-life 2: Episode 3.

In the developer's defence they're a team of volunteers, which cannot be said of Valve, and the tools they're using have evolved over time - along with player expectations.

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