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BioShock: "We don’t have any need to get a movie made," says Levine

Ken Levine has said the BioShock team would like to get a movie of the game made, but until "all the right pieces are in place," it's not going to happen.

Speaking with Industry Gamers, Levine said he is still in talks with people regarding getting a film made despite the fact the series doesn't necessarily "need" a movie made of it.

"I think we’re in the space now of building properties that are appealing to people, and there’s a version of BioShock that makes a great game and there’s probably a version of BioShock that makes a great movie," he said.

"I think for us as a company, we don’t have any need to get a movie made. We’d like to have a movie made, but it would have to be the right one, and we’ve had the opportunity to get it made and unless all the right pieces are in place – it’s hard enough to get a movie made when all the right pieces are in place. If you don’t start with the right pieces, you don’t have a prayer.

"We’ve had a lot of great talks with great people about it. We got close to great people, but you always have to have all of those pieces in place and that’s going to be very challenging. It’s a moving puzzle, but I’m going to be continually talking to people about it. It’s definitely something that’s still in the conversation."

As far as Infinite being made into a movie was concerned, Levine said once the game's finished being made and "every singe detail," of the story is "worked out completely," he'll start thinking about it.

"But right now I’m really just focused on BioShock Infinite as a game," he said.

BioShock Infinite is slated for calender 2012 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

You can read up on VG247's chat with Levine here.

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