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BioShock CryEngine homage is utterly beautiful

BioShock is a gorgeous, atmospheric game despite its age, but it's amazing what a bit of modern tech can do.

BioShock fan gametime 414 rebuilt the game's memorable opening sequence in CryEngine 3. The video below is a playthrough of the scene, captured from real time rendering.

The original BioShock was built on a modified version of Unreal Engine 2. CryEngine 3 was released only two years after that, but it is still in active development and has allowed for a pretty impressive visual overhaul. While this level of beauty might not be feasible for a full game, it certainly makes a strong argument for remakes, doesn't it?

Some gorgeous screenshots and more information can be found on ArtStation.

Bioshock Homage Playthrough - CryEngine from gametime414 on Vimeo.

Rumour has it Amazon has licensed CryEngine, pulling Crytek's irons out of the fire as its finances stutter. It'd be great to see the tech being put to more use, that's for sure.

Thanks, Gamespot.

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