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Amazon signed licensing deal with Crytek for a lot of money - report

According to industry sources, Crytek has signed a licensing deal with Amazon which helped the developer get through its recent financial crisis.


According to a report on Kotaku, Amazon has licensed Crytek's CryEngine and paid something in the range of $50-$70 million. The exact number could not be identified.

The anonymous sources say that the money helped the developer through its recent financial struggles. Which went as far as to keep them from paying employees on time.

Crytek has recently said that it had signed a "big" publishing deal that would enable it to continue on.

The sources say that Amazon is using CryEngine as a baseline to build its own engine on.

Amazon has showed interested in developing games on multiple occasions. The giant has already started a development studio and hired a number of industry veterans to work on projects that we've not yet seen anything come out of.

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