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Bidding session for remaining THQ IP has closed

Bidding for the remainder THQ franchises which weren't sold in January have closed.

According to a legal document filed, 17 final bids for IP will bring in somewhere around $6-7 million once the process ends in May.

Bidding on the remaining IP started April 1, and all bids were required to be received by April 15.

Bloomberg reports that unsecured creditors could recover between 20-52% of claims against THQ, which combined come to around $143-$184 million in claims owed. Should the amount of allowed unsecured claims "fall within that range," projected recoveries for said claimants could reach 31.5 - 51.9%.

Darksiders, Homeworld, MX, Red Faction, Supreme Commander and others were on the block. TeamPixel revealed in the early hours it had be outbid on the Homeworld IP by an unknown party.

More information on the proceedings will be made available on Monday, April 22.

Via: Polygon, Gamespot, Bloomberg.

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