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Watch over 25 minutes of fascinating Beyond Good & Evil 2 gameplay

As promised, Ubisoft ran a Beyond Good & Evil 2 livestream to give everyone an updated look at gameplay.

The show focused mainly on showcasing Beyond Good & Evil 2 pre-alpha gameplay. More specifically, it's a rerun of the E3 2018 demo, which had been shown to press behind closed doors.

The game does look to still be early in development, with many unfinished assets and much animations and mechanics missing. That said, the footage shows a lot of promise, and what you're about to see is certainly much more focused than previous reveals.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 also appears much grander in scale than the original game. We get to see exploration in space, melee combat, and surface travelling. The game also supports co-op where two players can explore the world together, and they won't even have to be in the same location.

It's a really fascinating look the game's ambitious concepts.

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Beyond Good & Evil 2 does not yet have a release date.

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