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Bethesda still planning to release Skyrim's Creation Kit "this month"

Bethesda has taken to the Bethblog to reassure modders the Creation Kit for Skyrim is still on it's way, and according to the firm it's "looking to have it near the end of the month."

The firm said the Creation Kit and Steam Workshop "are nearly ready," as the team is "currently working with members of Valve and our modding community to do some final testing."

Upon release, the kit will contain the same development tools used at the studio to create the RPG, and it will include a new Wiki and videos to help get modders started.

Plus, with Steam Workshop, any PC user will be able to download free user-created content through the service.

Once the kit and workshop are place, it hopefully won't be long until amazing creations are available for the taking.

Until then, there's always the My Little Pony Mod, which in our opinion, is much scarier than any ice dragon we'd encounter near Dawnstar.

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