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Bangai-O Spirits has full level editor, sound-transmitted levels

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According to this, the upcoming Bangai-O Spirits for DS will have a level editor. There's a hands-on with the upcoming Treasure game throuh he link.

That's not all. Apparently you'll be able to transmit levels to other DS users by sound.

"Once you're done your creation, you can save it to cartridge and send it to other Bangai-O Spirits owners in a very unique way: through the power of sound," said IGN. "Using old-school modem-like technology, you'll convert your levels into a sound that other Bangai-O Spirits carts will recognize. Place a set of headphone earpieces to a DS microphone, plug in the 1/8th inch jack to the host, and send that file off through high-pitch whines. It's similar to the way that we Commodore 64 and TRS-80 programmers used to save and load our created programs, and here it makes a return in a contemporary game design."

Geek essential, number one, 2008. No release date yet.

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