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Awesomenauts welcomes "space butterfly prophet" Genji

Awesomenauts is soon to introduce a new contender to its ranks, the gluttonous monk Genji.

Genji rounds out the Awesomenauts roster to 13 and is the first true support character since Voltar. He specialises in shielding allies and banishing enemies, making him perfect for neutralising attacks. He's currently in closed beta, and will be rolled out alongside a balancing patch.

Genji is an Entin, a race of caterpillars who nearly wiped themselves out through starvation; only a group of religious ascetics survived. Genji was one of these Popae monks but was caught feasting on rationed supplies, so has been sent on pilgrimage to rediscover his faith. He is voiced by Jesse Cox.

In other Awesomenauts news, the unusual MOBA has managed 500,000 sales and spawned a Pro League, with a new tournament taking registrations until March 5.

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